Noble Audio Katana IEM with nine proprietary drive units NEW

Noble Audio has launched a new flagship in-ear monitor which, for the first time, features proprietary Noble drive units. The range-topping Katana IEM benefits from nine custom-made drive units for each ear and is principally manufactured in the USA.  Featuring a two-part US-made precision-machined aluminium chassis, that’s smaller and lighter than the previous Kaiser 10U flagship, the Katana is without question a precision instrument. 
Why Katana?
Noble’s co-founder and lead designer, audiologist Dr. John Moulton AuD CCC-A, also known as ‘The Wizard’, has paid homage to the Katana Samurai sword, which is considered by many to have the perfect combination of balance, artistic beauty and sharpness in its cutting edge. As a tribute to the exclusivity and craftsmanship of the finest examples, Wizard’s latest design bears the name Katana.
The new Katana offers tremendous speed and versatility. It benefits from an extended top-end which generates considerable airiness and outstanding imaging. Katana’s balance and control combine with a lush mid-range, impactful low-end and Noble’s signature coherency.  
Noble Audio Katana IEM
New US-made flagship model with nine proprietary drive units per side (ear)
Most advanced Noble IEM and sound performance to date
Updated Noble form factor and geometry featuring refined US-made precision-machined aluminium housings
Sensitive enough for use with smartphones and portable audio devices
Detachable cable with industry standard 2-pin configuration (0.78 mm diameter)
Universal-fit as standard, custom-fit available (using alternative materials) 
Available now from dealers and (from £1,199/$1,650)
Noble Audio’s aluminium-chassis IEMs are no ordinary IEMs: they have been designed and manufactured in conjunction with specialists in California whose clients include Louis Vuitton, Dior, Marc Newson and Holly Hunt. The nine-driver Katana configuration is also available as a custom-fit model, using alternative construction materials from the Noble range, including acrylics and exotic solid woods (Prestige range). A 3D-printed option (SLA range) is also available for faster builds.
The new Katana follows the success of Noble’s acclaimed 10-driver model, the Kaiser 10 (which remains in the portfolio) and features a top half with a stunning gun-metal grey anodize and a bottom half sporting a striking satin-black anodize. With nine Noble drivers working in perfect unison, the Katana delivers the best Noble performance to date.  
Further features include a detachable two-pin cable and supplied accessories include a Pelican 1010 case (crush-proof carrying case); a black velvet soft pouch; 12 pairs of ear tips (four kinds in three sizes); two Noble Audio bands or amp bands; a cleaning tool; a Noble cable and an ownership card.

Universal-fit £1,350/$1,850

Custom-fit £1,350/$1,850
SLA (3D-printed) £1,199/$1,650
Prestige custom-fit from £1,999/ $2,850