Omega Audio Concepts CDP The Stream ultimate CD transport and DAC

Omega Audio Concepts CDP The Stream CD transport and DAC is the brand’s expedition in the ultimate digital to analog conversion. 
All units are made from solid aluminum and system comes with three independent low power supplies, low noise linear regulators, SMD mounted parts, resistors of  0.1%  tolerance and there are no capacitors in series on the output analog stage, six high-speed controllers controls receiver TCXO circuit and USB receiver, have heavily isolated analog signal and digital signal and uses Omega Audio Concepts Nano extra series cabling for all the .nternal and external wiring.

CD drive is renowned CD-PRO 2 LF PHILIPS mechanism, that uses special mechanical mounting system and magnetic solid aluminum clamp.

Technical data
24-Bit Delta Sigma converter 192 KHz
Digital inputs S / PDF- 75 Ohm coaxial USB
Receiver S / PDF Wolfson WM8805 with TCXO reference clock
XMOS USB receiver SK1449 24 bit 192 KHz
Maximum Output Level 2.0 Vrms
S / N Ratio 120 dB
green front LED to S / PDF input, blue for USB input
300x Dimensions 100 (D x H)
Weight 16.5 Kg