Trinity Audio Master Reference Power Supply Conditioner NEW

Here the first two completed Trinity Audio Master Reference Power Supply Conditioner. 
Dietmar have complete reworked the architecture to improve the performance and reduced the leakage current down to 2mA. That means for the real freaks they can connect such filters in series to further improve the performance “I am more than sure that is not necessary, since each filter is based on a 12 stages filter design with an additional multi stage NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) protection. That is the hardest spec for over voltage protection.”
They have also improved the ground filter paths by a factor of 2. Each of the double outlet has its own ground filter path to separate the connected devices from each other. Conditioner will come with Gold plated front plates (2µm gold over stainless steel) since a black anodized plate would not match with this gorgeous looking marble block.