PathAudio Resistors

PathAudio resistors… “Developed and designed for best quality Hi-End Audio. Their design ensures excellent transmission of the full audio bandwidth, without audible distortions, and with extremely low noise floor. PathAudio resistors have a wide frequency response with negligibly low impedance phase shift, providing superior quality audio processing.”  

“They have 1% tolerance, a low temperature coefficient, high heat dissipation, without the vibration effects.
Resistors are made in thick film technology. The resistive layer is applied to the ceramic molded body. Then it’s drying with high temperature and encapsulated with silicon cement. After applying 0.8mm tinned copper wire, the resistor is almost ready to play, but for ultimate mechanical stability and the shielding advantages it’s putted into the copper tube and flooded with the best quality resin. The use of copper tubing allows to drain interferences and this is why we used the third long leadout. It’s connected only to the casing, having no contact with the signal transmitted by the resistor. The third leadout should be joined to the ground or “-” speaker input.
PathAudio resistors are perfect for loudspeaker cross-overs allowing the sound to be smooth, clear, with superb dynamics.”


  • Non magnetic
  • Ultra low inductance
  • Tolerance +/- 1%
  • 10 Watt power rating
  • Maximum voltage 1500 V
  • Dimensions (length x diameter) 60 x 12 mm
  • Wires: length 35 mm, diameter 0.8 mm
  • Ground wire length 13-15 cm