Quail Physics S922 sdr serial data reclocking NEW

In a digital audio system, samples must be accurate in level and time but jitter, which exists in all digital systems, can result in timing errors in these samples, causing the analogue signal to be reconstructed inaccurately. 
Operating as a digital-to-digital converter, the S922 sir, features a sophisticated multi-mode Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) to clock regeneration for reduced jitter and signal restoration. The unique design of the S922 sir combines  linearity with very high speed operation enabling it to deliver true performance processing when used with digital sources.
Optimised for DAC, upsampler,  [portable] digital recorder or specific applications. The S922 sir is designed to industry-standard on 110 ohm balanced cable and BNC 75ohm AES3-id (SMPTE 276M) coaxial cable [with Impedance adapters S7/01-M  S7/01-F ]. S922 sir supports standard sample rate 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 or 192kS/s regardless of resolution in real-time. 
You can extract every last nuance of detail, emotion and musical realism live, an another dimension, what you once thought was possible.
The Qualia physic S922srd is commitment to supporting your existing equipment and gear.
Is  Interchangeable with Impedance adapters [BNC-XRL-BNC] S7/01-M or  S7/01-F, to customise your rig provide convenient third party integrations.
Taking the best technologies, the Qualia S922sdr is engineered from the ground up to deliver cutting edge performance in the data recovery most possible.
There are 3 precision ultra-low-noise internal power supplies that drive the unit in three sections [receiver, re-timer and transmitter] , giving each element its own independent and pure supply source. The Qualia physic S922 sir use stand-alone external power supplies, keeping the two parts [power supply /serial data reclocking] two element independently isolated, ensures digital circuitry is unaffected by external interference.
Digital Input                        1x XRL/BNC [BNC adapter S7/01-M  optional ] 
Digital Output                       1x XRL/BNC [BNC adapter S7/01-F  optional ]
Input sample rate                    32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 or 192kS/s
Rechecking                           30 at 192kS/s max.                             
Signal type                          XRL 110ohm AES3 (ANSI S4.40)
                                     BNC 75ohm AES3-id (SMPTE 276M)
Input level                          0.1 to 7.0 Vp-p  75Ωohm/110ohm
Output level                         1 Vp-p nominal 75ohm  
                                     4 Vp-p nominal 110ohm
Specific jitter                      <0 .005="" 100="" hz="" i="" khz="" pp="" to="" ui="">
Color                                –
Weight                               –
Construction                       Aluminum Alloy
                                     Damper Feet in Aluminium Oxide/rubber
Temp. Range                          Operating Range: 0˚Cº to 40˚Cº [32˚F to 104˚F ]
Overall Dimensions                   – mm [h] x – mm [w]  x – mm [d]
Power cord DC                        “2-Pin Lemo OB measured 3, 4, 5 Feet or
                                     other value on request [custom made ]
Power Consumption                    3.8W Max.