RD Acoustic HAD-CGD-1 Hybrid Acoustic Diffuser

RD Acoustic HAD-CGD-1 is a unique hybrid acoustic diffuser, that improves room acoustics, dampens reflected acoustic waves in one plane, evenly diffuses them in the other. In the world of high end audio, diffusers play an important role. Even a room with otherwise satisfactory acoustics deserves to be improved. Sound reflections from flat walls worsen fidelity and spatiality of the overall speaker output. A diffuser will evenly disperse (or diffuse) the unwanted reflections, the perceived elocution becomes clearer and music gets even more spatial.

The best speakers will not be able to achieve great results in spaces with poor acoustic conditions.

The front exposed side of the diffuser is made up of acoustic segments, which together create a deep diffusion pattern. The pattern is set in a real oak frame. On their front side, the segments are complemented by a thin layer of oak wood, treated and conserved with natural oil and wax.
Modern living frequently omits dealing with acoustics, unfortunately so, as acoustics has a fundamental effect on psychological well-being inside the space. Long duration of reverberation interferes with clarity and intelligibility of speech and worsens spatial localisation. Living spaces usually lack in acoustically absorptive materials. With modern minimalist interiors, their absence is virtually woeful.
The duration of reverberation is the main acoustic parameter of closed space. It is quite easily measurable and it should fall within the range of 0.2 to 0.5 seconds. A space that is overly damped feels oppressive. Conversely, in a space with no damping at all, one can hear considerable echo, for example an unpleasant reverberation sound of a teaspoon clink. The reverberation time can be regulated by changing the amount of acoustically absorptive materials, such as thick curtains, carpets, fabric upholstered sofas, etc.
The diffuser can be placed on the front wall of the listening room between the speakers, or on the back wall behind the listening spot, or symmetrically on the side walls.
The placement can further be either horizontal or vertical. In this case, the placement depends on what unwanted resonance frequencies we want to suppress (see our blog post on acoustics). If you are unsure about the choices, we will be happy to assist you. Placing the hybrid diffuser horizontally (the acoustic segments are placed horizontally), it dampens acoustic waves reflected from the ceiling and floor. With vertical placement (acoustic segments placed vertically), the diffuser primarily dampens waves reflected from walls.
Circle pattern with greater diffusion efficiency
  • Front absorptive area: 1.161 m2
  • Front reflective area: 1.42 m2
  • Height: 103 cm
  • Width: 104 cm
  • Depth: 17 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg

Hybrid Acoustic Diffuser HAD-CGD-1
  • SIZE: 1X1 M.
  • PRICE: €950.
  • SIZE: 2X1 M.
  • PRICE: €1 900.
  • SIZE: 3X2 M.
  • PRICE: €5 700.