SOMBETZKI S 509 tube amplifier  based on the most modern circuit design of the tube age: The CIRCLOTRON amplifier, also known as PPP amplifier (parallel push pull).
With the SOMBETZKI S 509, we have created a modern tube amplifier whose sound can be described in the best sense neutral, detailed, sound-rich, fast and powerful. The spatial representation and airiness of the musical performance is breathtaking and authentic.

SOMBETZKI S 509 is equally well-suited for operation on conventional loudspeakers as well as dipole loudspeakers.

50 Watts RMS at 8 OHM
65 Watts RMS at 4 OHM
Parallel Push Pull (PPP/Circlotron)
Valves: 1x ECC81,1x12BH7A, 2x PL509 TESLA
Frequency Response: 25 Hz – 125 kHz / – 3dB
Input Sensitivity: < 1 Veff
Input resistance: 100 kOhm
Damping factor: 16 / 8 Ohm
Input jack: 1 x Cinch, WBT nextgen™
Loudspeaker connection: WBT nextgen™  4 mm
Measurements: 150 x 160 x 410 mm (B*H*D)
Bias Adjustment accessible from the outside
Weight: 7.8 kg net without packaging
Price: 6400,-€ / Pair