Tabula Rasa high-end hi-fi furniture now available direct to UK market and EU

German hi-fi furniture brand Tabula Rasa is now available for direct purchase in the UK as well as across the EU.

Already reputed in its native Germany for combining technical excellence with timeless beauty, Tabula Rasa hi-fi furniture is stunningly beautiful to the ear, to the eye and to the touch.

Every item in the brand’s select range is constructed from solid hardwoods – oak and maple – carefully selected for their acoustic properties as well as their natural beauty, and sourced from sustainable forests. Designs are contemporary and elegant with clean lines and exquisite finishes, providing the perfect setting for any high performance hi-fi system.

The company works exclusively with master craftsmen in Germany whose technical expertise, skill and genuine love of the materials ensure meticulous attention to detail in build and finish. Quality is 100% consistent, yet the natural textures of the wood guarantee that each individual piece of furniture is slightly unique.

Enriching sonic performance

The structure and density of the pure oak and maple designs provide excellent damping properties, reducing unwanted resonances within both the furniture and your hi-fi system. The heavy mass of the hardwoods also provides strong grounding for a solid bass sound. Bass tones are deep, powerful and clearly defined. The midrange sounds open and natural, while the treble notes are crisp and clear. The absence of any metal or glass in the designs ensures that the finest details of your music won’t be overshadowed by metallic or glassy resonances, allowing the natural qualities of the music to fill the listening room.

Your furniture, your way

The Tabula Rasa range includes four core designs: the Notrebo, Lowboard, Basis
600 and Deepspace. Each comes with a range of customisable options such as a choice of wood colours and finishes, varying dimensions (width, overall height and/or individual shelf heights) and the addition of bespoke storage units (Lowboard only).

Optional extras such as Tabula Rasa spikes and the company’s innovative built-in quartz sand damping system (known as ‘the silencer’) are also available to further enhance the detailed nuances of your listening experience.

Full details of the product range and the brand’s online shop are available at

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Contact: Björn Drüsedau, Tabula Rasa
Tel: +49 6695 911 913
Address: Bahnhof Densberg, 34632 Jesberg, Germany