Tecnotrafo opens the doors

​Over 40 years of activity, Tecnotrafo never stopped producing HI-FI audio transformers.
A large part of the production, which ranges widely across industries, has always been related to audio windings and in particular to tube amplifiers. As a consequence, the recent trends of HI-END passion are no news for Tecnotrafo: it is simply our long term job!
Today Tecnotrafo can offer to the most demanding audiophile a wide range of output transformers, both for push-pull and single ended or parallel single ended, starting from 2A3, EL34, 6L6GC, KT66, KT88, 6550, 300B, 6C33, RE604, SV811 and several other tubes, arriving to Tecnotrafo flagship product, the transformer for 211 or 845, of which we are truely proud.
Tecnotrafo also offers coupling, interstage, drivers and fase-inverter transformers. Among others, the most recent product is the coupling transformer that connects a 2A3 (driver) and 211 or 300B (output power). We also provide power transformers and filter-inductances on special requirements from customers.

Everything is produced with artisanal care and the best magnetic materials available from the market, in line with the strong audiophile passion that Tecnotrafo people shares with their customers.

Audio Exposition Room
​​​As of today, the room is equipped with:
– 211/BT4-C line preamplifier – full tube heaters
dc power supply (our trasformers inside)
– Dual mono power amplifiers, 12AY7 driver, 300B
swing, 845 power tube (our trasformers inside)
– 2-ways horn speaker system from an old movie
theater (made by Officine Prevost Milano),
alnico drivers
– Telefunken M15 mono full track master recorder
– Thorens TD166 record player – Pioneer PD-4050
CD player
– Rohde & Schwarz ESM1507 tube FM/AM professional receiver
Below you can see a special preamplifier unique in its genre. It uses only a pair of 211 – VT4/C tubes as line stage that work at 660 plate voltage. The peculiarity is that the heaters of these 211 tubes are rectified with TUBES and not with solid state rectifiers as usual. It is possible due to a particular industrial tube rectifier developed around 1930 and filled with mercury gas (you can see the spectacular violet colours inside). These tubes are absolutely rare now, even though we still have a limited quantity of them in our stock. It’s possible to have this preamplifier built on request.