On the market of high end audio novelties, Teoharov Audio – the only manufacturer of high end audio equipment from Macedonia, presented and marked its serious step forward. On June 9, 2021, at the Hilton Hotel, Teoharov promoted his complete product line which includes loudspeakers in three different series named C Type, H Type and Active, as well as amplifiers, cables, distributors and other accessories. 

hese are products made according to the highest European standards for safety and quality, constructed from the highest quality components, modern design and top performance when it comes to sound.

The presentation also promoted the new website, the official catalog of the company and the long-term plans for brand development. One of the projects in support of that development direction is an exclusive collaboration with the guitar virtuoso Vlatko Stefanovski who announced the joint product called Legendary.

The first sample of a total of 15 planned pair of this limited edition is expected to be presented in September 2021 when the order list will be open.

Teoharov audio deservedly attracted the attention of the general public.