Thrax Teres Hybrid amplifier NEW

Teres is a 2 stage hybrid amplifier. It is our latest creation as a bridge between solid-state power and vacuum tube finesse and resolution. Teres features a single ended transformer loaded tube input stage coupled to two floating out of phase JFET followers. Signal path simplicity brings unprecedented clarity and tone richness with power to spare.

– Tube amplifier architecture with simplest signal path
– Transformer coupling of stages
– Jfet/Mosfet cascode output devices
– Silicon carbide diodes in PSU
– Microprocessor control
– Audiophile C3g tube used
– Both RCA and XLR inputs
– Compact chassis built like a tank
– 250W/8Ohm 350W/4Ohm
– Zero feedback design

Teres is based on the Spartacus concept. It features a single ended triode
stage as input voltage amplifier and uses a phase splitting transformer to
drive a push pull output stage. The output stage uses JFET/MOSFET cascodes
similar to the ones used in Heros in same polarity with inverted phase and
floating power supplies to achieve the current and power output necessary
to drive modern (not that efficient) speakers. The input and output stages
are isolated from each other via the transformer phase splitter.
The input stage uses a property choke input rectifier and shunt regulator
power supply solution for super low noise and stability.
The power supply uses a new breed of rectifier diodes made of a new
material called Silicon Carbide. They have no reverse current and
switching loses.
When properly applied the rectifier produces no EMI/RFI in the chassis.
The result is an amplifier free of grain and fizziness, giving new meaning
to transparency and tone.
We use the legendary status C3g tube for the input for super low noise and
extreme linearity.
The whole chassis is a heat-sink dissipating the fair amount of heat that it