Tortuga Audio LDRx Passive Preamp

Here is an interesting passive preamplifier from Tortuga Audio…

The LDRx is a high performance single ended (RCA input/output) passive preamps that combine advanced LDR (light dependent resistor) technology with elegant contemporary styling designed to satisfy the most demanding audio enthusiast.
There is growing consensus that LDR based passive preamps are one of the best values in high performance audio today. The LDRx builds on the success of our legacy LDR passive preamp product line including the LDR1, LDR3 and LDR6. Tortuga Audio’s LDRx represent the best that LDRs have to offer.
The LDRx is offered with 3 RCA inputs with optional 4 or 5 inputs also available. The LDRx has 2 sets of RCA output.
The LDRx housed in attractive, high-quality contemporary enclosures that combine the warmth of eco-friendly renewable bamboo together with black-anodized brushed aluminum panels milled from high grade stock.
The elegantly simple Apple Remote provides remote control, along with a rotary encoder with integral push-button located on the front panel. Volume level and status information are provided via a pair of digital displays that are invisible when the unit is off.