Trinnov Audio, Vivid Audio and Mola Mola unique system in Munich

Be sure not to miss our quad-amplified system including eight mono Mola-Mola Kaluga amplifiers and the five-driver, four way Vivid Audio Giya G2 loudspeakers.
The Trinnov Altitude32-88 is the heart of this system, serving as preamp, DAC, and Network player for streaming audio. The Altitude32 will also provide the highly optimized four-way active crossovers and our revolutionary Speaker/Room Optimizer in this extraordinary high performance music system.
From the Altitude32, the eight outputs will be routed to eight monoblock amplifiers. The Mola-Mola Kaluga Power Amplifier is today’s answer to high-end power amplification. It is Bruno Putzeys’ own preferred embodiment of Ncore, a circuit packing 20 years of research and experience into non-linear control theory. Unprecedentedly low distortion, noise and output impedance combine into what scores of enthusiastic users unanimously describe as “no sonic signature at all.”
The loudspeakers are the remarkable Vivid Audio Giya G2, designed by Lawrence Dickie. Lawrence invented the idea of long, tapered enclosures while at B&W, introducing the Nautilus in 1991. The four-way, five-driver GIYA G2 enclosure is built using fibre reinforced skins with a low density core as used in the aerospace industry. 

Each bespoke driver and filter network is optimized to give a true fourth order acoustic response through each crossover point. The result is zero phase shift between each successive driver so each pair sums seamlessly as power transfers from one to the next.

A further benefit of the smoothly curved enclosure is that it yields a broad horizontal dispersion which declines slowly with frequency. This provides a very even coverage which helps to give a huge listening area and a well-balanced in-room response resulting in the cleanest window into the music available today.
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