Tripoint Empress EMI Filtration instrument NEW

“The Empress by Tripoint is an “EMI FILTRATION INSTRUMENT”.  It comes as a pair connecting to the speaker binding post at each channel. The size of each is slightly larger than the Troy Signature. There is no power cable. It is a passive instrument.  Most important of all, it is a GAME CHANGER. 

The crossover inside the speakers is the most contaminated region of the whole chain because it interfaces with incoming electric current from the amplifiers and the magnetic influence from the drivers within the speakers. In short, this is where electromagnetic noises (EMI) breed in real time continuously. The Empress is designed to eliminate EMI from the crossover.  While the goal sounds simple, execution is tremendously difficult.  Successful completion took Miguel Alvarez’s tears, sweat and blood (his own words).” – AE.