Vermouth Audio Black Pearl Loudspeaker Cable NEW

I already raved highly about Vermouth Audio Red Velvet speakers cables here. Now Hendry Ramli is introducing the new Vermouth Audio Black Pearl Loudspeaker Cable. Review samples are already on the way to Mono & Stereo and I’ll soon report back with first impressions…
State of perfection knows no compensation and will never settle for less. Out of such dedication and passion we are proud to announce the New Black Pearl Loudspeaker Cable. 

We perfectly combined and harmonized our cables diameter with its geometry of the conductors by utilizing High Purity OCC. Then we decided to advance the result by maximizing series of air tube layers which then wrapped in premium non-woven fabric to achieve the purest signal transfer without any kind of possible interference.
As a result we have a cable which is extremely transparent & accurate, luxurious & revealing in mid-range, unrivaled high frequency with airy details, a holographic sound, three dimensional soundstage with accurate pin point imaging. It produces a sound that is real and pleasurable, music never sounded better before the new black pearl.
It is hard to describe the cables with words, in essence it makes all frequencies to flow effortlessly like no others can replicate within its price point or even beyond. It’s a musical liberation to the ears.
Listening is a matter of taste, to experience your own version of musical realism, please contact your nearest dealer.