VYDA Laboratories ORION absolute reference interconnect cables NEW

VYDA ORION™ are made using special construction processes and exclusive materials. The Cryogenic treatment of the conductors for the stabilization of molecular orientation. This process, successfully tested in our laboratories, allows a performance not comparable with not cryogenic conductors. This process consists of a controlled slow cool-down cycle from room temperature to the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-300 °F) for a certain time, and subsequently at temperatures over 100. The cable design of the line ORION™ really cares about the resolution of the electromagnetic problems and mechanical insulation of the wires, the geometries of the cable and the optimization values LRC.
VYDA™ realizes its Cables with Copper Quality of our proprietary with exceptional purity and PTFE insulation. A huge amount of listening tests have been performed with the help of many audiophiles of marked sensitivity. Also these experiences led to the realization of our cables.
VYDA™ improves and experiments always the highest quality materials:
VYDA ORION™ uses stainless steel AISI 303: one of the best non-magnetic material, Teflon and other inelastic materials for the insulation of wires and also different types of exclusives helical geometries of wires according to the length of the cable. Very important for us is the study of mechanical spurious and mechanical resonances issues cause of the pollution of electrical signal transmission and phase errors.
The VYDA™cables use thik silicon jacket, the only material that provides mechanical wave attenuation inside the cables. Our connectors and termitations are developed, tested and listened to inside our factory. Our termination are treated with rhodium plating process with high thickness (15 microns) to guarantee exceptional contact quality.