Wolf von Langa Audio Frame X NEW

From bottom to top, for AUDIO FRAME X (ten) we designed everything new from scratch. While several prototypes were constructed to proof the acoustic performance the AFX is designed to a more traditional appearance than our large loudspeaker systems. The goal was and is to keep the visual nature to the existing loudspeaker look without return to the default, but to break all the chains regarding sound reproduction. 
Even the most elaborate loudspeaker systems today lack of the live reproduction of instrument timbre, voice articulation, and dynamics. 

This is not because others can’t build loudspeaker units right but because of the costs. Speaker mass production with extreme low materials usage lead to a nice and beautiful look but to confined reproduction quality. In most cases efficiency is extremely low (dampened away everything the industry speaker makes wrong). Some technicians and financially strong marketing devisions want to make us believe that we can overcome this problem with huge amounts of amplifier power…

Did you ever hold a 100 Watts light bulb in your hands? It is extremely hot, no, you’re gonna burn the fingers. Imagine what does this heat in your beloved speaker’s voice coil. Although there is a lot of exhausted digital technique to again overcome this problem, in the end it is like casting out devils by beelzebub.
In passive speaker networks the heating of the voice coil shifts your crossover frequency during listening sessions as different music material with different energy will heat the voice coil according to the loudness. As the voice coils are made of metal and metal changes it’s resistance dramatically by changing of the temperature the once calculated and „optimized“ crossover point   varies constantly and causes a tremendous amount of distortion. This one is never ever measured by any magazine or loudspeaker manufacturer because it is no static distortion occurred by feeding the system with one or two tones. And it would be very costly to develop a measurement system for dynamic analysis.
The only way to get rid of this problem is to boost efficiency dramatically or to avoid crossover networks at all. An active 4-way system with 82 dB efficiency would need at least two gigantic power amplifiers and an air conditioning when listening to Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, or to Mahler…
As we do for years our solution is efficiency produced by modern electro magnets combined with stiff mechanical constructions to make it possible to listen to micro dynamics and tiny movements as well as to orchestral volumes. 
The all new AUDIO FRAME X is constructed for maximum rigidity, extremely stable and tight „hold“ of our field coil speaker drive units and a pleasant appearance. The only sound source shall be our speaker cones, neither large walls nor surfaces of discoloring constructions.