Yar Audio ultimate 250.000 EUR audio system

Yar Audio ultimate audio system. A bespoke audio system, handcrafted in Italy reserved only for 99 people with the budget of approximately  EUR 250.000.
B-yond is a phenomenal product that is specifically designed to reproduce the harmonic elements of the original sound to perfection. Harmonics are the heart and soul of audio,  and Beyond recreates them impeccably to deliver the true sound of the original material.

This is what makes B-yond so unique: it is the only integrated amplifier in the world capable of offering a truly immersive sound experience.
The deep singularity of sound.
We wanted to create an integrated amplifier genuinely different from all the others on the global market. The result is a paradigm shift: a single product that delivers the same level of quality as the best high-end  systems  with a preamplifier and two separate power amplifiers. 
We designed B-yond for contemporary listeners who appreciate high-resolution music files as well as good vinyl. Listeners who enjoy building playlists using  music streaming services, and those who want outstanding, natural audio to  enhance their favourite TV series.  
We set out with an uncompromising vision of quality and the result exceeds our wildest expectations. We have essentially created what was previously considered impossible. Welcome to a non-compromise era of sound.
B-yond is for listeners who want a no-limits audio experience. Phono, CD, Blu-ray, TV: the system supports all digital and analogue sources. 
However, B-yond was designed for the new era of high-resolution music. Not only does it convert all formats on the market, including the outstanding DSD, our D/A converter is without a doubt the best converter available on an integrated amplifier today.
B-yond also incorporates the latest generation Bluetooth module, enabling wireless listening from a smartphone, tablet or computer. 
In short, B-yond’s circuits and components have all been designed based on a single,  steadfast rule: no compromise.

That’s why its shell is  made of carbon fibre and aluminium, which guarantees better vibration isolation and enhanced shielding of the electromagnetic waves compared

to conventional amplifiers.

Tubes & Transistors: naturally powerful.

The preamplifier uses tubes that are specially polarized to enable them to be replaced without altering the sound produced. 
Because the base of each valve is suspended on a proprietary anti-vibration mounting, any vibration caused by potential sources of interference is completely eliminated.
The class D power amplifiers put out up to 350 W of power per channel into 8 Ohms, and 700 W per channel into 4 Ohms.  
Full power and a high damping factor translate into peak transient response performance, and this means perfect control over the movements of the speaker membranes, which enables B-yond to achieve immediate attack, perfect harmonic decay and acoustic pressure, exactly as would be experienced during a live performance.

A switched-mode power supply, for enhanced listening pleasure.

B-yond is one of the first integrated amplifiers in the world with a high-end switched-mode power supply because  it delivers a better sound by eliminating the unwieldy power gain stages and voltage selector switch that characterise a linear power supply.
This solution also helps reducing consumption (90% efficiency compared to 50% in traditional solutions),  weight and bulk. It also dissipates more efficiently and  noiselessly delivers the current needed by the circuits,  with a higher level of stability than traditional models.
What’s more, because each single stage has its own  dedicated power supply and is electronically  decoupled from all the others, it does its specific job to perfection without interference, guaranteeing maximum sound purity.

All this power in such a small package. Awesome!

And the way B-yond delivers all this is incredibly natural. There is no acoustic attenuation of any kind, even up to ultrasound frequencies. 
The two mono class D power amplifiers, combined with our phenomenal preamp stage, deliver the exact timbre of valve sound, creating a three-dimensional audio scene.
Full, natural sound and superlative timbre. Perfection

The remote touch.

B-yond is the outcome of two decades spent listening to virtually every solution available on the market, and four years of development.
The result is something entirely unique and outstanding. You may have to look twice to realise that there are no buttons or knobs. 
This is because everything is controlled by a good-looking, intuitive remote control, with only five buttons: on/off, volume control and input selection. In addition, B-yond can be controlled by a dedicated app for iOS and Android – the ultimate in simplicity and reliability to fully integrate it to your lifestyle.