Chord Electronics TToby power amplifier NEW

Chord Electronics, the world-renowned British manufacturer of high-performance audio products, is showing its new TToby power amp for the first time in the UK time at The Indulgence Show (14-16th October). The new TToby is a ruggedly designed 100-watt ultra-high-quality stereo power amplifier and has been designed to complement the award-winning Hugo TT DAC/headphone amplifier.
The TToby sets new standards for small amplifiers and takes full advantage of Chord Electronics’ twenty-five-year amplifier design and manufacturing experience across both consumer and professional applications. When combined with the Hugo TT, the duo provide the perfect ‘digital hub’ for today’s digitally connected devices, offering both high-quality headphone outputs, plus loudspeaker outputs capable of driving even the largest speakers.
The TToby and Hugo TT provide a compact, space-saving home audio system with Chord’s typically no-compromise audiophile-grade sound quality. The duo can be used as a high-quality desktop system, home audio lounge system and for compact spaces where quality is paramount, from boats to bedrooms. First shown at High End, Munich in May, the new TToby is now in full production and is hand-crafted at Chord’s riverside factory in Kent.

As with all Chord Electronics’ amplifiers, TToby features advanced high-frequency power supplies. It is constructed from a solid aircraft-grade aluminium billet and is precision-machined to specification. TToby also features advanced forced-air cooling by means of a sonically closed anechoic miniature multi-speed quadruple-fan plenum chamber. The advanced technique provides cooling through the aluminium casework itself, avoiding the need for external sharp heat sinks.

Chord Electronics’ award-winning proprietary digital audio processing and amplification technology enables connected devices, from smartphones, to tablets and laptops, to deliver music with breath-taking clarity and detail, however it is stored or accessed.
Hand-made, British-built home audio system – just add speakers and/or headphones
Hugo TT: headphone amp and DAC; TToby: 100-watt stereo power amplifier
Connects digitally to devices: smartphones; tablets; computers etc.
High-res audio compatible (for up to studio-master-tape sound quality)
Compact, space-saving design for home, office or space-restricted areas
Audiophile-grade sound quality from Chord’s proprietary technologies
Remote control and alphanumeric LED display to show settings
High-quality dedicated internal headphone amplifier for headphone use
Three digital inputs (including optical, BNC Coax and USB)
CD-quality streaming supported via Bluetooth aptX® technology
Three headphone outputs plus balanced speaker outputs
Price and availability
TToby £2,750