Frank Voon just notified me, that Frank Acoustics FRANK PE-35 GROUND LOOP EMI FILTER NEW The FRANK PE-35, concept becomes reality after 10+ months of development and that is coming in for test in a good week time. 
The Frank PE-35 (A/V Ground Loop EMI Filter) is your solution to resolve your problems with EMI pollution present in your audio video setup without the need to engage in the costly exercise of redoing the grounding network for your system or making complex changes to the electrical network to the equipment. Gestation for the development for the Frank PE-35 was rather lengthy as the proof of concept stage had to overcome numerous development hurdles, not least our panel of experienced “audio gurus” in whose ears we made use of for evaluating the effectiveness of the product during its infancy.

The Frank PE-35 is devised to sit between your wall electrical grounding outlets (or your main DB Fuse box) feeding your electronic playback equipment with an EMI interference free flow of AC power for the operation of the equipment. The Frank PE-35 is not all theory without substance as it has been thoroughly field tested in its beta phase of development in actual environments where the Frank PE-35 is most likely used in. The results, let’s just say we’ll leave it to your ears and your heart be the judge to that it can do to the overall performance of your cherished AV/Hifi system in your home.

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