GredAudio WavespDAC-2 NEW

Sound Philosophy and Audio Performance
The main purpose of pDAC-2 is to bring you an unforgettable experience of superior music. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed pDAC-2 with low noise power supplies and high PSRR, with respect to jitter elimination in all analog / digital sections, and have delivered exceptional linearity of all analog circuits and resistance against EMI. As a result, we designed precisely all PCBs, PSUs, MCLKs, I/V and LPF stages, USB interface and aluminum body.
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Dual Mono and Fully Differential Construction
We believe that the best way to deliver audio device without compromising is to use separate high performance DAC sections for the left and right channel and fully differential path from DACs outputs to XLR connectors.
Power Supply Unit
Individual transformers with low P/S capacitance for analog, digital and MCU circuits. Several filter stages at important positions for high frequency noise eliminating. Ultra-Low ESR electrolytic capacitors with high endurance (up to 7000 hours at +105°C) with total capacitance of more than 22000 uF.
USB with Optical Isolation
Two high performance fiber optic communication links deliver audio DATA and Master Clock for asynchronous audio transport with signal rate up to 150 Mbps. The third optical link serves only to transfer setup information. We bring you the best possible way to isolate your HI-FI system from PC.
D/A Converter
4-layers PCBs with our 3D PCB conception to minimize distances between areas and protect signal paths from noise. High speed I/V and LPF stages with the use of professional thin film resistors with tolerance less than 0.1% for the best CMRR. XLR connectors feature continuous circumferential ground contact to chassis for EMC and RF protection.
Aluminum Unibody
Milled from a single 20 kg weighing aluminum block. 10 hours of milling. Inside space with 3 separated sections to eliminate possible interferences in it. Excellent thermal management. Only gold and rhodium plated fasteners.