Merrill Audio production

Peek into the Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs production…
Veritas Monoblocks begin as a 66 pound block of Aluminum shown here by Joe at the Machine shop. 
At 66 pounds each block, they are moved in small batches of 8 which is over 500 pounds a batch. Imagine the truck that delivers these!
Here is the lot that Joe is opening up and showing you how strong Joe is, holding up a block that is to become the VERITAS Monoblock with his bare hands!
Grant is the CNC expert, trained in 3D modeling which is transferred to the CNC Machine. This automated down to the engraved Serial number on the back of the VERITAS. 
Here are Monoblocks in various  stages of process. Due to the weight of the Monoblocks, the process has to be done inside first, then the sides, then the top. 
After CNC’s the VERITAS Monoblocks have a gorgeous, 3d mirror like finish. Again due to the size and weight of the blocks, it has to be Glass Bead Blasted and then hard anodized to preserve the finish. 
Finally the front logo is laser etched into the block. See the laser video. Now it is ready for assembly.
James is the Lead Technician that puts together the finally assembly and testing. They are done in consecutive pairs so that they are always matched. John builds all the wireing harness under direction of James. 

Finally the VERITAS is put on the burn in bench after the test bench for final 2 day burning before packing and shipping to the new lucky owner.

The Thors undergo similar process except the finish is a high polished paint that is baked on instead of Anodizing. The Thors are smaller in size so easier to handle and less subject to damage.
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